Mark Olive & Tess Atie Cooking Crocodile

You won’t believe what’s on the menu!

Uptuyu Aboriginal Adventures, Kimberley, WATraditional Aboriginal food, or ‘Bush Tucker’, includes everything from nuts, seeds and fruits to wild game and fish including Emu, Kangaroo and other unique Aussie flavours. With so many ingredients to choose from, Aboriginal people were masters at hunting and gathering their food from their ‘bush food supermarket’ - the natural environment.

Today, more and more people are enjoying learning about these traditional foods and how to prepare them for meals that are as unique as they are tasty. But it’s not just about the amazing flavours, many of these foods are also incredibly healthy and nutritious. Some of the native bush fruits have the highest Vitamin C content of any plants on the planet, and the flour they made from Acacia seeds had up to seven times more protein than today’s finest wheat grains.

Davidson's Arnhemland Safaris, NTFestivals are often the best time to enjoy these traditional bush foods around a camp fire, but with more chefs now adding bush cuisine to their menus and major stores and markets stocking some of the ingredients, your choices on how to enjoy these unique flavours are more varied than ever before. Whether you choose to use a guide to help you catch and prepare your own on a campfire on a remote beach somewhere or enjoy a delicious meal in a gourmet restaurant, one thing’s for sure, it’s a taste of Australia you’ll not soon forget.

By joining a tour with an Aboriginal guide you won't just learn about hunting, gathering and cooking these foods, in many cases you can actually have the opportunity to do it yourself! Savour traditional delights such as mud crab, Magpie Goose, Barramundi, Kangaroo and for the gastronomically brave, the iconic Witchetty Grub!