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No Leave No Life Program benefits

It makes sense that strong, healthy businesses and happy, healthy employees are interdependent, and in no area is this more evident than in ensuring leave entitlements are taken.

Here are five reasons why implementing the No Leave, No Life program is good for your employees and good for your business.


It reduces your financial liability

You’re no doubt aware of the negative impact accrued leave has on company bottom line profitability - a liability that can multiply incrementally as salaries increase. The equation is simple - reduce stockpiled leave, and you reduce your liability.

It helps you attract and take care of employees

There is much evidence that employees are at greater mental and physical risk when they don’t take breaks from the demands of work. Encouraging them to take leave not only addresses this issue, it creates a working environment that attracts the best people.

It increases productivity

Rested and recharged employees are more motivated and enthusiastic – and therefore more productive and effective – delivering attractive returns for businesses.

It provides a framework for discussion

The program helps managers approach the subject of stockpiled leave with employees in an objective way – equipping them with convincing arguments for taking their entitlements. This same framework makes it easier for employees to request leave from management.

It encourages executives to lead by example

Senior managers and executives are often the biggest culprits for not taking their leave entitlements. This program encourages them to lead by example, and become more productive themselves in the process.