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No Leave No Life The Facts

In 2005 Tourism Australia commissioned a research study to look at annual accrued leave in Australia and the findings from this research suggested that this was a huge issue within organisations.

Continued tracking since then and additional information collected, has continued to show that annual accrued leave is still a major issue for employers and one which needs to be addressed. 

Key Findings

  • For some crazy reason us Aussies have over 128* million days of annual leave stockpiled - that’s over 350,000 years of holidays.
  • 1 in 4 of Australian full time employees are leave stockpilers (Roy Morgan Research)

Why People Stock Leave

  • Insurance Policy - "What if" worriers.
  • Workaholic - Too much going on at work to prioritise taking leave.
  • Golden Goal - Saving for the 'big trip' or 'one day' type travel plans.
  • Martyr - 'No one else could do my job'.
  • Victim - Lack of immediate support from management in their absence.

Key Barriers to Taking Leave

  • 57% of stockpilers consider work related barriers prevent them from taking leave, including concerns about work load before and after the event, lack of resources to cover and scheduling leave when desired.
  • 80% cited personal barriers as the cause including lack of available funds, partner’s availability and deliberate accrual for emergencies.

 *As of June 2012, Roy Morgan Research