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Our mission

Tourism Australia is the Australian Government agency responsible for attracting international visitors to Australia, both for leisure and business events. Its mission is to make Australia the most desirable destination on earth.

Tourism Australia is active in 17 international markets, promoting unique attributes which will entice people to visit and targeting people who research indicates will spend more and travel most widely throughout the country. Activities include advertising, public relations and media hosting, trade shows, industry programs, consumer promotions, online communications and consumer research.

Our Values

Our values support the mission of Tourism Australia. They are the essence of our identity and provide the guiding principles to our behaviour and the relationships we have with our customers and partners. They include:

Genuine: We are real and authentic and truly believe in what we do

Innovative: We aim to be the best in the business in everything that we do

United: We are one global team and value relationships

Positive: We are optimistic and always look on the bright side

Commercial: We think strategically and we deliver results.


Tourism Australia Act 2004

Tourism Australia is a corporate Commonwealth entity and was established by the Tourism Australia Act 2004.

Under section 6 of the Tourism Australia Act 2004, Tourism Australia’s main objectives are to:

  • to influence people to travel to Australia, including for events, 
  • to influence people travelling to Australia to also travel throughout Australia, 
  • to influence Australians to travel throughout Australia, including for events, * 
  • to help foster a sustainable tourism industry in Australia, and
  • to help increase the economic benefits to Australia from tourism.

* While the legislation outlines domestic functions, Tourism Australia is not currently engaged in domestic tourism marketing activities. This change in Tourism Australia’s remit came into effect in 2013, and is outlined in the Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment’s Statement of Expectations for Tourism Australia.