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Consumer Research

Consumer demand project

In November 2012, Tourism Australia released the first tranche of a major international tourism research project into how global consumers view Australia, and what most motivates them to visit our country.

Over the last five years, Tourism Australia has spoken to over 90,000 international long-haul travellers via online consumer research panels. The research is carried out in China, UK, US, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Germany and New Zealand. In 2016, the following markets were also integrated into the program: Brazil, Canada, France, Hong Kong, Italy and Taiwan.

Insights from the Consumer Demand Project have been used extensively to inform and support development of Tourism Australia’s strategic direction, campaign development, as well as to inform the tourism industry of potential opportunities to build the value of Australian tourism.

Consumer Demand Project Highlights

High Value Traveller (HVT) segment

Tourism Australia has embarked on a journey to transition from predominantly demographically defined and based target audiences across markets, to a global based behavioural and attitudinal target audience. This transformation is underpinned by the development of the High Value Traveller (HVT) segment.

Mood of a nation survey

In September 2016 Tourism Australia conducted a study into the perceptions held by Australian consumers with respect to the size and value of Australia’s tourism industry.

Download a detailed presentation of the findings.

Download a summary report.

The Insight Files

Featuring both primary and secondary research, and drawing from a range of sources, Tourism Australia’s Research team curates consumer trends and news related to the tourism and travel industry.

Topics include technology, social media, consumer behaviour, emerging trends and markets, tourism investment opportunities, competitive insights and consumer segments.

The aim of The Insight Files is to keep the industry and students informed of potential trends, challenges and opportunities to assist in building the value of Australian tourism.