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Nature and wildlife

Nature-based tourism forms a significant component of Australia's visitor economy, ranking among top travel motivators for international visitors to the country. Nature-based tourism is leisure travel undertaken largely or solely for the purpose of enjoying natural attractions and engaging in a variety of nature-based activities – from scuba diving and bushwalking to simply going to the beach.

Economic contribution and potential

  • In the year ending June 2017, 69 per cent (or 5.4 million) of international visitors engaged in some form of nature-based activity.
  • The top international nature-based markets were China (17 per cent), the United Kingdom (10 per cent), New Zealand (10 per cent) and the USA (9 per cent).


Tourism Australia’s activity

Australia’s biggest strength is its world-class nature, well regarded from all markets and core to our global tourism offering.

Tourism Australia’s consumer research conducted across 11 of Australia’s key tourism markets shows aquatic and coastal experiences are among the greatest drivers of international visitor demand, with two out of three international visitors enjoying Australia’s aquatic or coastal environments in some way – from scuba diving to simply going to the beach.

Tourism Australia works cooperatively with key partners using our global campaign ‘There’s nothing like Australia’ as the creative platform to promote our nature offering to the world. This includes working in collaboration with State and Territory Tourism Organisations in international markets as well as partnerships with airlines, distribution and other companies within the travel and non-travel sector.

Focus on aquatic and coastal experiences

From early 2016, Tourism Australia's 'There’s nothing like Australia' (TNLA) campaign has focused on one of Australia’s key competitive advantages – our aquatic and coastal offering.

The $40 multi-platform marketing campaign has rolled out across all our key international markets, with each market developing in-market launch events and marketing activities.

The renewed focus on Australia’s aquatic and coastal offering aims to both defend our high ranking for world-class natural beauty in today’s competitive market, as well as renew and reinvigorate consumers' perceptions of our country's aquatic and coastal offering.

There area number of opportunities for industry to be involved in and support the aquatic and coastal focus.

Find out more about Tourism Australia’s aquatic and coastal strategy.

Further research and resources