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Tourism Statistics

Tourism Australia provides research services to the industry through consumer and market insights, plus tourism, aviation and economic analysis.

We are responsible for identifying and understanding the needs and drives for consumer segments that give the greatest return on investment.

We also produce relevant and timely analytical research on inbound tourism markets, including analysing and communicating trends in global tourism and identifying new and high-yield markets. The following organisations produce a range of tourism data sets and reports available to the tourism industry to aid their marketing and commercial decisions: 

Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) and Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS)

The ABS provides statistics on overseas arrivals and departures. This information is collected by the DIBP using various processing systems, passport documents, visa information, and incoming and outgoing passenger cards. Click here to see the latest arrivals into Australia. 

Tourism Research Australia (TRA)

Tourism Research Australia provides research information across both international and domestic markets that supports decision making, marketing and tourism industry performance for the Australian community. Tourism Research Australia produces a range of reports, covering international tourism and research tailored to regional areas.

The International Visitor Survey (IVS) and National Visitor Surveys (NVS) are also managed by TRA. The IVS samples 40,000 departing, short-term international travellers aged 15 years and over who have been visiting Australia. The NVS surveys via the phone approximately 120,000 Australian residents aged 15 years and over. These surveys provide us with important variables such as international and domestic visitor spend, demographics, travel party, etc.

State and Territory Organisations

The respective State and Territory Organisations also deliver state-specific statistical data and analysis to assist the tourism industry. To find out more, click on the below links to bring you to the respective information sources: