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International Media Hosting Program Frequently Asked Questions


What type of media channels does Tourism Australia host?
We host media from all channels including broadcast (free-to-air, pay television and radio), print (consumer and trade), online and news services. To be considered, you will need to be employed by a media channel; have a strong following on online platforms; or if a freelance journalist, it would be highly advantageous if you have received a firm assignment across one or more media channels. In all cases, the readership or viewership of the media channels for which you work needs to align to Australia’s target visitor, the experience seeker.

Are there any countries that you do not accept media visits from?
Our preference is to host media to Australia from countries in which Tourism Australia is active or those markets that have high growth potential. These countries include: Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, United Kingdom and the United States. We will consider visits from our countries depending on our budgets, the media channel and reach.

How do you select which media channels or media representatives for your media hosting programs?
We proactively invite media channels to travel to or within Australia as a guest of Tourism Australia, and are also very interested in hearing from other media channels that may wish to pitch in a story idea to us. Our preference is to work with those media channels whose readership or viewership aligns with, and has deep reach into, our target consumer audience. 

Do you expect coverage from your media that you host?
We prefer that you to create interesting and inspiring stories as a result of your visit to and within Australia and that you will do everything possible to ensure publication or broadcast within your media channel.

Do I have to have a commission to be considered for a media trip?
We prefer you to have a firm commission before Tourism Australia will consider supporting your travel to or within Australia.

Do you support digital influencers under the media hosting program?
Yes. To be considered for support, digital influencers must have a strong following in one or more of our key markets and alignment to our target audiences.

Are you open to media pitching stories to you?

If you have a great story idea we would be very happy to discuss this with you. You should approach the Tourism Australia contact that is relevant to your country.

Do I need travel insurance?
International media will need to provide proof of travel insurance before you will be allowed to travel to Australia as a guest of Tourism Australia.

If I accept a visit to travel to or within Australia, can I travel with my partner or friend?
Tourism Australia is only able to make arrangements for those media representatives that we have invited to travel to Australia. We cannot support or make arrangements for any other person under our media hosting programs.

Do I have to agree to any terms and conditions to participate?
All media travelling to or within Australia who are a guest of Tourism Australia must sign a Terms of Participation Form. If you fail to sign this document, or refuse to sign it, Tourism Australia will not be able to support your visit.

How do you develop your itineraries?
We work with you to develop an itinerary that not only meets your objectives but will align with the editorial style of your media channel. We too have certain requirements that we negotiate as part of your trip – so together we will deliver the best possible itinerary that meets both our expectations.

Where would I travel in Australia?
Your visit might involve you travelling to multiple locations and to multiple states – depending on the objectives of your story and your media channel. We often work with the State and Territory Tourism Organisations to form the best itinerary for you.

Is there an average length of travel in Australia for hosted media?
Every itinerary that we develop is unique and we will work within with your timeframes to meet your story objectives. Our main goal however, is to ensure that you have a quality trip that will motivate you to describe your experience to your audience.

I am a photographer do I qualify under your media hosting programs?
Our priority is to support visits to Australia or within Australia, by media representatives who can create broadcast, print or online editorial content and who have a firm commission.

We prefer all print editorials to be supported by high quality photographs and would consider supporting your visit to or within Australia if you were accompanying a journalist, provided that you can demonstrate your qualifications via a range of published works.

If you are a professional photo-journalist and can demonstrate your qualifications via a range of published works, we could consider supporting your visit to or within Australia.

If you are a photographer building a portfolio of works but with no avenue to showcase these through a media channel, it is unlikely that we would support your visit to or within Australia via our media hosting programs.

Do you accept group media visits?
Yes. We quite often support multiple media outlets travelling in a group to and within Australia. Our policy is to ensure that all media travelling in the same group are creating similar content and we will not mix media groups. For instance, we will not mix print and broadcast groups together. We also ensure, wherever possible, that media travelling in a group are same-language.

Do you escort media visits?
Tourism Australia does provide guides or escorts usually for group visits, broadcast or complicated visits. As we deliver our media hosting program in collaboration with the State and Territory Tourism Organisations and tourism industry partners, they may also elect to provide an escort while you are visiting their State or their business. Escorts will be discussed with you prior to your trip.

Do I need a visa to travel to Australia?
You will need to refer to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection for visa information.

Can Tourism Australia assist with my visa application?
Tourism Australia is unable to provide assistance with your visa application. Please refer to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection for visa information.

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