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Getting your product on

If you have an original story idea or itinerary to share, you can submit content to here

You will find our guiding principles for creating content, as well as helpful guides, story templates and examples.

To have your product featured on Tourism Australia's consumer website, first list your product with the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW).


The Australian Tourism Data Warehouse

The ATDW is a joint initiative of the state government tourism organisations and Tourism Australia. The ATDW produces the only nation-wide tourism database of its kind in Australia and the world, including more than 35,000 listings. These listings are made up of information on accommodation, tour, attraction, event, hire, and transport products, as well as destination information.

All ATDW content is quality assured and updated daily to the national database by State or Territory Tourism Organisations. With daily updates tourism operators and ATDW distributors can ensure their information is always cutting edge.

This content is distributed through a broadening network including State and Regional Tourism Organisations.

View the full list of ATDW distributors.

Having a listing with your relevant State or Territory Tourism Organisations through ATDW offers tourism operators:

  • International exposure
  • Low cost marketing opportunities
  • Ensured quality data standards
  • Distribution to all ATDW distributors of tourism product.

Further, the ATDW provides a marketing solution for tourism operators by enabling tourism marketers to sell tourism product listings on their websites with Australia’s first inclusive booking exchange, Tourism Exchange Australia (TXA).


Getting your product listed on the ATDW

To list a tourism product in ATDW or update an existing listing, access the ATDW-Online portal.

Registration and approval of your ATDW listing is managed through your State or Territory Tourism Organisation (STO). Each STO has a dedicated ATDW team, who are also responsible for collecting ATDW listings, quality assuring and managing this content in the national ATDW database.

Tourism Operators will need to fill in their email address in the Username field, then click on the “Forgot your password link” to reset their password for the first time. Please remember that this is a live platform, so all updates made will be displayed across the distribution network.

Information required to register:

  • Your Organisation details (including business name, contact details and ABN)
  • Your User account details (including name, email and password)