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Hosting International Media

Based on the principle that media can produce more motivating and detailed coverage if they actually experience a destination or product first hand, Tourism Australia works closely with the Australian tourism industry to host between 800 and 1,000 media representatives from almost 30 countries each year.

These media representatives may arrive into Australia under our invitation or may be foreign correspondents or freelance journalists who are already based here.

Our International Media Program provides opportunities for journalists to participate in the most inspiring Australian experiences. We try to ensure that they meet everyday Australians, that they immerse themselves in our lifestyle and that they revel in our culture and environment. 

Find out more about our international and domestic media hosting programs.

To participate in the International Media Program (IMP), tourism operators and event organisers are asked to host media at specially discounted rates. There is also opportunity to support broadcast crews who we are working with. This could involve you assisting producers by hosting their crews, providing background materials or product information.

Tourism Australia works closely with State and Territory Organisations to host the international media. If you would like to participate in the International Media Program please contact your local State, Territory or Regional Tourist Office in the first instance. National operators should contact the Global Public Relations team directly by emailing

Tourism operators who have been mentioned in an article resulting from the International Media Program can access a PDF copy of the relevant article by registering online at To be issued with a username and password, please email