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Germans enticed to ‘do’ Australia in two weeks

3 October 2015

Tourism Australia has launched a co-operative marketing campaign in Germany with airline partner Singapore Airlines promoting Australian destinations to German travellers.

The “Australia is doable in two weeks” campaign offers two-week itinerary suggestions as well as destination content designed to alter German travellers’ perceptions of holidaying Down Under being ‘not-doable’ in under six weeks.

Prior to the campaign launch, more than 400 German travel agents were trained in key campaign messages and offerings at a roadshow jointly hosted by Singapore Airlines and Tourism & Events Queensland.

The campaign consists of digital advertising, including social media and dedicated campaign website content and runs for six weeks until mid-November.

Germany is currently Australia’s eleventh largest inbound market for visitor arrivals. For the 12 months to August 2015 there were 188,100 visitors from Germany, an increase of 2.9 per cent relative to the previous year.

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