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International tourism opportunities investigated at Destination Australia

23 March 2016

Hundreds of delegates from Australia’s leading tourism businesses attending the Destination Australia and China Uncovered conference last week heard first hand from experts about what to expect from international tourism to Australia and innovative ideas on how to make the most of the opportunity.

Former ANZ chief economist Warren Hogan explained the opportunity for tourism businesses with the global transition to service led economies in which consumers are focusing more on experiences rather than goods.

Social scientist Dr Ross Honeywill also explained in some detail how businesses could target premium consumers, those focused on satisfying the desire for unie experiences over price, to extract greatest value from both travellers to Australia.

The first day of the conference then went on to explore case studies from Uber and investigate how some of the best in the tourism business including and Flight Centre as well as smaller operators are inspiring and converting international travellers.

Focusing in on the opportunity from China the following day, delegates heard from experts such as independent economist Andy Xie on the changing circumstance for young Chinese who have grown up in a wealthy and powerful China, like to spend and have family support to fall back on.

Mark Tanner, the founder of research and marketing agency China Skinny, explained how these consumers want to express their individuality through unique life experiences and how tourism businesses can tap into and make the most of that opportunity.

Over 300 tourism industry professionals attended the second annual Destinaton Australia Conference 2016 in Sydney last week with approximately 250 also attending the first ever China Uncovered conference the following day.

While the first day focused on being on the forefront of marketing opractices to attract more high-yielding international visitors Down Under, the second day then devolved more deeply into Australia’s fastest growing and highest value inbound market, China.