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Tourism Australia announces organisational changes

13 May 2016

Recently Tourism Australia has completed the development of a long term strategic direction and market framework and streamlined its international network. These have impacted how we operate as a business and have led to changes to our organisational structure.

Strategy and Research

Significant work has been done to establish the strategic direction which will take the organisation to 2020. Tourism Australia and the Australian tourism industry have a well-established national tourism strategy (Tourism 2020), which is being well-executed and delivering strong results. All our campaigns and marketing activities are grounded in research and are strategically driven.

Work to integrate the strategy into the direction and day-to-day operation of the business is well advanced, and as such we are undertaking a restructure of the strategy and research functions. As a result, the role of Executive General Manager of Strategy and Research will be made redundant, and Adele Labine-Romain will leave the business at the end of the financial year, having finalised some key projects. The planning and research functions will be spread across the business.

Adele has been a valuable member of Tourism Australia’s executive leadership team over the past 18 months, leading the development of the new strategic direction and the resulting long-term corporate plan. Adele has also strengthened the research capabilities of the organisation, extending the reach and impact of our research in the business and across industry. She has worked closely with industry, and with our Federal, State and Territory partners, including delivering a new partnership which will see Tourism Australia and the state and territory tourism organisations collaborate on consumer research.


Over the past few years, we have worked to recruit senior RGMs across our markets. As a result, there is now an opportunity to consolidate the Sydney based International team. The roles of General Manager Asia and General Manager Western have therefore been consolidated, and there will be one Sydney based GM, responsible for International Operations and Global Distribution. Katherine Droga has been appointed in this role.

As a result, Tim Jones will leave the business on 31st May. Tim has been with Tourism Australia for the past 10 years, working first in our London office, then heading up Domestic Marketing and finally in various roles across the International Division. Tim has made a significant contribution to the International area of our business, standing in for Frances-Anne during her maternity leave and managing our Greater China operations in Shanghai for a period of time. He has also worked hard to put in place our airline MoUs and other key partnerships, such as Visa and Expedia.

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