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Student Resources


Tourism Australia

You'll find lots of information about Tourism Australia in the About Tourism Australia section. The Annual Report and the Corporate Plan are good places to find information about our campaigns, results, marketing budgets, tourism strategies, activities and staff.



Tourism industry facts and figures

You'll find information on Australia's key tourism markets and their tourism value to Australia, country by country in the Markets section.

Tourism facts and figures can be found in the Visitor Statistics and Reports sections.


Reports detailing visitor numbers and habits

  • The Australian Bureau of Statistics release monthly visitor arrival reports, including visitor numbers by market.
  • Tourism Forecast reports are produced by the Tourism Forecasting Committee.
  • The International Visitor Survey is the most comprehensive source of information on international visitors to Australia.
  • The National Visitor Survey is the major source of information on the characteristics and travel patterns of domestic tourists within Australia.


Tourism policy

Austrade has primary responsibility for tourism policy and works closely with industry to identify and address impediments to growth and maximise yield. Austrade also provides detailed reports and strategies on different issues that affect tourism in Australia.


Brochures, posters, images and videos

In an effort to be sustainable, Tourism Australia no longer have brochures or posters available for general distribution. All travel information is now available online at  

To access images or video footage of Australia, visit Tourism Australia's Image Gallery. Please note, you will need to register in order to download images and videos.


Information about Australia


General information about Australia

There are many websites that also provide resources for students and teachers to help them explore Australia, its people, its culture and its environment.

Australia also has a range of world class institutions including museums, libraries and galleries which produce information for students and teachers. A selection of sites is listed below.


Information about studying in Australia

If you are interested in information about studying in Australia, please refer to the official Study in Australia website.


Students and Graduates Program

Students wishing to take part in Tourism Australia's Students and Graduates Program must be:

  • Australian residents; and
  • Enrolled in an Australian university, and in second or third year of their relevant degree, or with a degree qualification from an Australian university. Find out more.


Who's who in the tourism industry?

See our Who's Who in the Tourism Industry page for an overview of the Australian tourism industry and a list of contacts.