Dundee inspired US campaign off to a strong start

Dundee Tourism Ad

Extracted from Essentials Newsletter 7 February 2018

Tourism Australia’s Dundee inspired campaign, which launched to over 100 million viewers during the Super Bowl, is off to a strong start in the US as promotional offers begin to roll out.

On the morning after the game the campaign videos had already had more than 58 online million views, more than any other Super Bowl campaign, and have now been watch more than 75 million times.

The creative was also highly rated by key media watchers including Adweek, AdAge and the Bleacher Report. Press coverage has been extensive with more than 7,700 articles to date worth more than $55 million in equivalent advertising value.

However, most importantly, the US version of Australia.com has had record numbers of visitors and has already driven over 33,000 leads to Australian tourism businesses as well as key distribution partners and Premier Aussie Specialists in the US.