The link between art and a person's land

Australia's Aboriginal People have a Continuous History Spanning over 50,000 Years

As one of the world’s most ancient living cultures, Australia’s Aboriginal people have a continuous history spanning more than 50,000 years. Theirs is the oldest story on Earth, providing an irrevocable understanding of the birth of our continent, its ancient landscapes, spirituality and wonder.

Aboriginal Australia is a living legacy of spiritual knowledge, custodianship of land, culture, people and the connectedness of all things shared through rituals, art, dance, music, secret stories and journeys created in the Dreamtime – the time when ancestral spirits created the landforms and all life.

The landscape today is a map of the spirits’ journeys and stories created over thousands of years ago describing these journeys. These form the basis for stories that are still told. Gaining an insight into Aboriginal Australia brings the landscape to life and will allow you to gain a deeper appreciation of any journey to Australia.

Aboriginal hosts and guides are warm, welcoming and extremely generous of spirit. They are keen to share their story and give an insight into their culture, which is often delivered with an engaging humour and deeply moving perspective.

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Food and Hunting

Enjoy the unique flavours of traditional ‘bush tucker’ and maybe even hunt and gather some for yourself! 



Music and Dance

The famous Didgeridoo is just the start of an astonishing world of dance, ritual and ceremony. 


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