RT Tours Australia, Alice Springs, Northern Territory

Enriching ways to discover our famous Outback

The vast open spaces, endless horizons, blazing starscapes, and ever changing landscapes typify the unique appeal of the Australian Outback. In what for many seems an arduous and challenging environment, Aboriginal people excelled. Here, over thousands of years, they developed amazing abilities and relationships to the land that sustained life and have been passed on through the generations.

The Outback covers more than two thirds of our island continent and in remote pockets, such as the central deserts, Aboriginal cultural traditions remain strong, readily blending with modern ways. In selected places there are opportunities to gain an insight into traditional and contemporary Aboriginal lifestyles as you see the land through their eyes.

Much of the Outback is a stronghold for the diverse and powerful art movement that has captured world attention. In many instances you can visit thriving community art centres and meet the artist and see their works first hand.