Aboriginal Experiences in South Australia

The Flinders Ranges are one of the great natural regions of southern Australia and offer a vastly contrasting moutainscape that enthrals all who visit.

Aboriginal Cultural Tours – Adjahdura Land, York Peninsula, SA The imposing peaks of the central Flinders form an immensely rich and ancient landscape and are home to the fossilised Ediacara - one of the earliest living creatures., The area is a geological and paleontological treasure trove and a place of immense cultural significance to the Adnyamathanha people. As you sit with the descendants of the original inhabitants you will be fascinated by their evocative stories and spiritual accounts of the creation of the area’s many unique and ancient features, including the amazing amphitheatre of Wilpena Pound. Their Yura Muda stories will forever change the way you look at the land and its stunning physical features.

Visit Yourambulla Caves, Arkaroo Rock, Sacred Canyon and Chambers Gorge to see the region’s fascinating cave paintings and rock peckings. The various camp sites, ochre quarries, stone arrangements, chipping sites, and rock art galleries show some of the most visible evidence of habitation spanning back tens of thousands of years.

Much further south is the boot shaped Yorke Peninsula with its dramatic coastline of rugged headlands and wild beaches. Near the tip of the peninsula is the Innes National Park offering some of the best remaining natural bushland and beaches of the area. This is Adjahdura land and has a complex cultural and contact history, where you can experience a range of Aboriginal tours highlighting stories from the mission days through to the present. This is an amazing place to view ancient campsites and hear some of the creation stories whilst exploring this spectacular landscape.

You can also immerse yourself in a fascinating cultural experience without even leaving the city of Adelaide. The South Australian Museum holds the world's largest collection of Aboriginal material with more than 3,000 artefacts, archaeological objects, photographs and videos on display in the Australian Aboriginal Cultures Gallery. To view even more contemporary and traditional visual artworks simply visit Tandanya, an indigenous owned and run National Aboriginal Cultural Institute, which is also conveniently located in the CBD.