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Experience Aboriginal culture in urban centres

Despite the romantic connection of Aboriginal people with the Australian Outback, much of the heart and soul of Aboriginal life and culture can be found in our urban centres. Walking tours, short tours, day trips, museums, galleries and cultural centres all provide a range of views and experiences of Aboriginal Australia.

Join an Aboriginal  guide in the centre of Melbourne on a city walk, taking you back in time to key locations that were pivotal in the history of the founding of the city. Get a first hand perspective of Darwin, our youngest capital city, from a Larrakia guide. The Botanic Gardens in many of our capital cities also provide a rich canvass for Aboriginal show and tell about the many food and medicinal uses of our native vegetation.

You can cruise Sydney Harbour or the Brisbane River for a different view and story about these urban centres. Aboriginal performance and art, traditional and contemporary, thrives in our capitals with many dedicated spaces housing and presenting major works as a fitting testimony to the vibrant Aboriginal culture of today.