Brand Australia

Our Vision, Purpose and Personality

This provides the guide for our brand communications strategy. It outlines the strengths and associations that make our brand not only different, but also meaningful.

Our vision is simple; for Australia to be the most desirable and memorable destination on earth.

Our purpose is what drives everyone at Tourism Australia to leap out of bed in the morning, and that is to invite the world to experience the Australian way of life.

Our personality describes the human characteristics that we associate with the brand. These characteristics are emotionally driven and they relate to how we present our brand to our target audience.

They include:

Welcoming: We are inclusive and believe our differences are our strengths.

Optimistic: We think positively and look on the bright side.

Genuine: We are real and authentic and truly believe in what we do.

Charismatic: We are warm, down to earth and likeable.