Case Studies

Whether you choose to implement the No Leave, No Life program as is or translate the information and resources to fit in with your own organisational objectives the No Leave, No Life program can be tailored to suit.

Below are some case studies that cover a range of implementation ideas. The organisations and departments involved have been generous in sharing their implementations wins and we are delighted to be able to share these with you.


At the commencement of the program, the organisation average leave taken was 2.3 weeks per year with only 21% of employees taking 20 days leave per year. This has, incredibly doubled to an average of 3.9 weeks taken per year in 2009, representing a 41% uptake increase.


The program was a great success and Alphawest was able to recognise a reduction in leave balances across the business from 14 days to an average of 9.8 days per employee.


The number of days of annual leave stockpiled has also seen a significant drop from an average of 24 days in August 2009 to an average of 20 days per employee in April 2010, representing a 13.79% reduction.