Campaign logo

From the beginning, There’s nothing like Australia has been designed for the Australian tourism industry and the focus has been on creating materials which you can adapt for your own business promotions.

A new campaign logo has been created for the trade and industry to support the next phase of There’s nothing like Australia campaign.

Tourism Australia is providing this logo on the condition that you abide by the terms and conditions and guidelines listed below. Please read these guidelines prior to downloading the logo.

Campaign logo usage guidelines

The campaign logo is available for industry to download and feature on your marketing materials.

As the logo is trademarked there are guidelines around usage:

Tourism Australia is the owner of the There’s nothing like Australia (TNLA) logo and grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable licence to use the logo in marketing materials which promote travel to or through Australia for the duration of Tourism Australia’s There’s Nothing Like Australia campaign provided that you:

  1. Ensure that reproductions of the mark meet the following minimum quality and size requirements :
    • The word “Australia” should never appear less than 15mm wide
    • The clear space around the graphics should be no less than 5mm. - preferably more.
    • The graphics should in no way be manipulated - this is: added to, deconstructed or misshapen, they must appear in their downloaded original state at all times. The lockup should not be rotated or displayed on an angle
  2. Provide Tourism Australia (via email to with copies of every situation in which you use the logo(s) within 4 weeks of publication of each example. Tourism Australia may request you withdraw the logo(s) usage at its discretion. 
  3. Do not allow or authorise others to use the logo(s) or the marketing materials to which the logo(s) has been applied (other than in accordance with this licence), and do not register or apply to register any trademarks, domain names, trading names or other names which include the logo or are substantially identical or deceptively similar to the logo(s).
  4. Do not use the logo (s) in any way which is illegal or is likely to damage the reputation of Tourism Australia.
  5. Indemnify Tourism Australia against any action, claim, cost, demand, cause of action, proceeding, loss or damage which Tourism Australia may incur or become liable for as a result of your use of the logo(s).

Tourism Australia may terminate this licence to use the logo(s) by written notice to you at any time if you do not comply with these Conditions of Use or on sixty (60) days’ written notice for any other reason and will not be liable to you in any way if it does so.

Download instructions

'Lockup' images:


 Reverse logo example