Who’s Who in the Tourism Industry?

Industry structure

The Federal Government and Tourism Australia

Tourism Australia is the Australian Government agency responsible for international tourism marketing. Tourism Australia’s role is to:

  • Influence people to travel to and throughout Australia.
  • Increase the economic benefits to Australia from tourism.
  • Help foster a sustainable tourism industry in Australia.

Find out more about Australia's tourism policy via Austrade, The Australian Trade Commission.

The State Governments and the State Tourism Organisations

Each state and territory in Australia has its own government tourism agency that works with industry. The role of the State Tourism Organisations (STOs) is to:

  • Support the development and marketing of sustainable tourism destinations and experiences within their state, to increase awareness and attract visitors.

List of State Tourism Organisations in Australia

Corporate: www.tourism.act.gov.au
Consumer: www.visitcanberra.com.au

Tourism Tasmania
Corporate: www.tourismtasmania.com.au
Consumer: www.discovertasmania.com

Destination New South Wales
Corporate: www.destinationnsw.com.au
Consumer: www.visitnsw.com and www.sydney.com

Tourism Victoria
Corporate: www.tourism.vic.gov.au
Consumer: www.visitvictoria.com

Tourism Northern Territory
Corporate: www.tourismnt.com.au
Consumer: www.travelnt.com

Tourism Western Australia
Corporate: www.tourism.wa.gov.au
Consumer: www.westernaustralia.com

Tourism and Events Queensland
Corporate: teq.queensland.com
Consumer: www.queensland.com

South Australian Tourism Commission
Corporate: www.tourism.sa.gov.au
Consumer: www.southaustralia.com

Regional Tourism Organisations

Regional Tourism Organisations (RTOs) establish and promote quality tourism experiences, implementing strategies to ensure their region maximises its tourism potential.

The Australian Regional Tourism Network is the peak national body representing regional tourism practitioners. 

Local Tourism Associations

Local Tourism Associations (LTAs) nurture and strengthen local tourism businesses by liaising with regional tourism authorities and state bodies on behalf of operators. Operators are encouraged to make contact and participate with the local regional tourism organisation in their area. Industry Associations and OrganisationsIndustry groups can provide a number of resources and opportunities to assist tourism industry operators with their day-to-day business activities.

Australian tourism industry contacts