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Students and Graduates Program

Maddy Wright


Role: Indigenous Cadet

Degree: Bachelor of Aviation (Management)

University: University of New South Wales (UNSW)

Semester: Semester 2, 2016 – Semester 2, 2018

Business Units: Consumer Marketing, Industry Events and People & Culture (so far)

Tourism Australia’s cadetship program was a fantastic opportunity I came across online whilst searching for jobs to undertake while studying. This cadetship has allowed me to gain invaluable work experience and industry knowledge whilst completing my degree.

During my first year of interning I was exposed to several aspects of the organisation including campaign work in the Consumer Marketing Team; the largest trade show in the southern hemisphere (ATE) in the Industry Events Team; taking part in career expo stalls in the People & Culture Team and a couple staff committees including the Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) committee and our 2017 staff conference committee. All of these things allowed me to get to know the people in the organisation and also immerse myself in the business side of the tourism industry.

I have been tasked with responsibilities such as researching information that could help with upcoming campaigns, implementing ideas from our RAP, using information systems relevant to the team’s needs, coordinating and publishing booklets for distribution at career expos and organising internal staff activities during NAIDOC Week.

This cadetship program has allowed me to ease my way into the workplace environment and have helped me develop positive working relationships with a variety of internal and external stakeholders. Without a doubt, I would recommend Tourism Australia’s programs to tertiary students because not only is it a great environment to be in but “There’s Nothing like Working at Tourism Australia”.

Jonathan Chim


Role: IT Graduate

Degree: Bachelor of Liberal Arts and Science

University: University of Sydney

Business Unit(s): Information Technology

I came across the Graduates program in an online job searching website. As a recent graduate, I’ve wanted to try out new experiences that allow me to learn and also work. During the placement process I was a bit nervous at the time especially when I was being interviewed by people who would ultimately be my managers. However, they eased me in during placement and later revealed to be friendlier than I expected.

Currently, I’m working as IT graduate in Service Desk for two years. As an IT Graduate, my job goes twofold. First is to understand and learn from my peers from a wide range of IT fields. Another is to apply what I've learnt to the workplace. These could range from onsite technical support, setting up new computers for new users and keeping the system up and running.

What I like about my role at TA are the challenges that are thrown at me every day, both in fun and exciting ways. An example is, one day the mailing servers were down, and I'm trying to assure people that we're looking into it. The next day I'm at a staff conference trying to absorb what's going on. There is no such thing as a dreary day at TA!

My advice for students applying for a role at TA is to stay genuine, calm and controlled during the placement process. Have a read of the TA values and apply it to the placement process. Think of what would you can bring not only to your position but to Tourism Australia. These can range from the things you've learnt, skills that you acquired and attitudes that matches with the TA way. Ultimately we're a fun, positive and innovative company with a friendly attitude to boot!

Jennifer Bismire


Role: Indigenous Cadet

Degree: Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing/Information Systems)

University: University of New South Wales (UNSW)

Semester: Semester 2, 2017 – Semester 2, 2018

Business Unit(s): Research & Digital Team

The cadetship program that I am currently undertaking at Tourism Australia was recommended to me by a friend. The overall process of obtaining this cadetship was really quite simple. I initially emailed the People & Culture and then after our email correspondence, I took part in two interviews before successfully securing a cadet role here at TA.

I have begun my cadetship in the second year of my degree at UNSW and have been placed in the Research team. So far I have been exposed to a couple of projects that have been launched within the Research team such as the High Value Traveller project and the Consumer Demand Project and I work with a lot of data, because what’s research without the data!

What I like so far at TA is that as a marketing student, I find the whole organisation very interesting and intriguing. I enjoy working at TA and look forward to not only progressing through to other teams but also developing my knowledge in the industry!

If I could give advice to students to getting a placement at TA, I would say that you should learn about the organisation before the interview process and know whether you really want to be a part of TA or not by reading up on their values, goals, mission statement, etc.

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