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As an outcome of the Distribution 2020 review, Tourism Australia has developed a one-stop resource of trade activities centred on the promotion of Australia. This calendar includes activities hosted by Tourism Australia, all State and Territory Tourism Organisations, Regional Tourism Organisations, and the Australia Tourism Export Council as well as other industry bodies.

The calendar is updated regularly and aims to assist Australian industry with activity planning in different markets.

For an event to be included in the calendar, the event must be:

  • A trade event, and
  • Hosted by Tourism Australia, the Australian Tourism Export Council, the State/Territory Tourism Organisations and/or Regional Tourism Organisations; or
  • Hosted by other industry bodies such as national tourism organisations for Australian tourism operator participation; or
  • Hosted by third party organisations for Australian tourism operator participation; or
  • Hosted by Australian industry organisations with an opportunity for Australian tourism operators to participate in.

Add your event to our calendar

If your organisation is holding an event which matches the above criteria, you can add a new event to the calendar here.

For enquiries, to update an existing event, or to provide your feedback on the calendar please contact

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