25 June 2013

T-QUAL Accreditation

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T-QUAL Accreditation is the Australian Government’s quality framework for the tourism industry. It assesses and supports quality assurance schemes and endorses their members with its national symbol of quality, the T-QUAL Tick. It was introduced to:

  • Elevate and standardise quality to ensure the sustainability of Australia’s tourism industry,
  • Provide a national symbol that improves the visibility of Australia’s quality tourism experiences; and to

  • Offer consumers and buyers a means of making more informed choices about products and services when travel planning.

The Benefits

Businesses endorsed by the T-QUAL Tick benefit from increased credibility, visibility and competitiveness. Furthermore, on behalf of the Tourism Quality Council of Australia, Tourism Australia is responsible for an extensive marketing campaign that educates industry buyers and consumers on the benefits of the T-QUAL Tick, encouraging them to look for and choose T-QUAL endorsed products and services.

The Structure of T-QUAL Accreditation

T-QUAL Accreditation is delivered by a cooperative partnership between the following parties:

  • The Tourism Quality Council of Australia - responsible for the overarching policy and direction of T-QUAL Accreditation, and for granting T-QUAL Master Licences to quality assurance schemes,

  • Austrade - responsible for policy, development and administration of T-QUAL Accreditation and for providing secretariat support to the TQCA; and

  • Tourism Australia - responsible for developing and implementing the T-QUAL Accreditation marketing strategy.

T-QUAL Accreditation is promoted in partnership with State and Territory Tourism Organisations and quality assurance schemes.


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