Best Of Australia Program

The Best of Australia Program aims to foster areas of untapped competitive advantage for Australia focusing on world class Australian special interest tourism experiences that drive consumer travel behaviour. This program supports the Tourism 2020 goal by encouraging industry to become more marketable, profitable, and resilient in an ever increasing environment.  

The aim of the program is to develop and nuture incremental growth and attract higher yielding tourists who will travel to follow their passion.  

By focusing on traveller passions, Tourism Australia aims to connect with those travellers who are specifically seeking out destinations that can deliver unique, compelling, and brag-able experiences aligning to their specific interests.

Tourism Australia works with these industry sectors to bundle the highest quality product together, with each collective creating a compelling marketing proposition to generate cut through in a competitive global marketplace.

Industry partnerships

Tourism Australia partners with the following industry collectives: 

  • Great Golf Courses of Australia
  • Great Walks of Australia
  • Ultimate Winery Experiences of Australia
  • Luxury Lodges of Australia;
  • Great Fishing Adventures of Australia; and
  • Australian Wildlife Collection. 

Program Guidelines

Tourism Australia assess new groups against the following criteria

  • Consumer demand (taken from the latest CDP research and other relevant research)
  • Tourism Australia’s regional team support (core market support/relevance)
  • Demonstrate State Tourism Organisation (STO) support
  • Group product must be export ready
  • Group members should cover at least 4 states
  • Industry willingness to be involved 
  • All members must be able to financially contribute

How it works

Tourism Australia collaborates with each group, providing:

  • Co-operative marketing and support
  • A key contact point at Tourism Australia
  • Strategic advice from distribution mentors
  • Integration into relevant Tourism Australia activity

Key Contacts

Global Manager, Experiences
Karen Fitzgerald

Great Golf Courses of Australia
Elizabeth Sattler  

Great Walks of Australia
Gina Woodward

Ultimate Winery Experiences of Australia
Sally Cope

Luxury Lodges of Australia
Penny Rafferty 

Great Fishing Adventures of Australia
Dean Cooper 

Australian Wildlife Collection
John Daw